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The policies and plans of the other countries that the Greater Himalayan region spans, address the Himalayan people and region in those countries, although most have tended to follow uniform development policies and plans and neglected mountain specificities. Certain unique development approaches and programmes have however emerged that would have value for the region as a whole. For instance, the concept of Gross National Happiness promoted by Bhutan that recognizes the importance of well-being, rather than pure economics, in progress.

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other Himalayan countries
Title: Forest and Nature Conservation Act of Bhutan, 1995

In Bhutan all activities related to forestry, are legally governed by the Forest and Nature Conservation Act of 1995. The Act repeals and replaces the Bhutan Forest Act of 1969 that was earlier in force. The Act along with the Forest and Nature Conservation Rules 2006, seeks to ensure protection and sustainable use of forests, wildlife and other natural resources of the...

Title: Biological Diversity Act of Bhutan 2003

With 64.5% forest cover, Bhutan is counted among the top 10% countries in the world with the highest species richness. As a signatory to CBD, Bhutan enacted the Biodiversity Act, 2003, which protects rights over indigenous traditional knowledge and seeks to involve indigenous communities in decision-making through community-based natural resources management projects. The...