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Himalayas to be wetter and warmer over next century

India’s Himachal Pradesh seeks handloom institute

Global Himalayan Expedition flagged off in Ladakh
DMS-HIMALAYA - (Disaster Management System – Himalaya) - Gargi Banerji, Sejuti Basu, Dr. Mary Ipe
Dark Road Top Darjeeling
- by Deanna Raybourn
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Vanishing cultural identities in the Himalayas

Revisiting Ethnography, Recognizing a Forgotten
People: the Thangmi of Nepal and India
The article draws attention towards the lack of published work on one of Nepal's important and overlooked ethnic groups. While there are some notable exceptions...
  In a way change is good but the loss of culture that accompanies such change is not.
- Dechen, Ladakh
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Collecting Fog Water
in Innovations & Technologies
The hill population of Nepal also suffers from inadequate water supply. Realizing the need for an alternative source of water, NEWAH started implementing fog water collection schemes.'The fog collectors produce between 2,000 and 5,000 ltr of water per day in the summer months.Small community based fog water...
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Composting Toilet Construction
Farming: The Natural Way
The Melting Himalayas
in Mountain Themes
Reported, as well as possible future consequences of climate change in the greater Himalayan region with special emphasis...
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Embodied Ancestors
Mountain Tourism
Women, Energy and Water
in Mountain Issues
Cultural diversity in the mountains
in Policy Papers
Explore the convergence of mountain cultural diversity with issues of sustainable and equitable development in highland areas, and the innumerable ways...
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Policy Matters
Improving Food Security
Water and energy are essential resources for human survival and well-being, mountain women in the Himalayas are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their daily water and energy needs in a sustainable...
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Floods and Vulnerability
Changes in Agricultural Biodiversity
Himalaya Research
The results of a variety of participative research on the Himalayan region, some that would help one understand it better, and some that would aid appropriate development for the region.
Himalaya Documentation
Dip into the richness of the heritage of the Himalayas, its wonderful diversity of plants and animals, its invaluable cultural wealth. Join us, if you wish, on this journey to document the Himalayas.
Discussion Forum: Vanishing cultural identities: A Himalayan reality?
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Climate change and the cold deserts of the high altitude Himalayas
in Research Reports
Outcomes of a study carried out across 82 watersheds in the Trans and Western Indian Himalayas to quantify the level of environmental threat...
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Water Management in Cold Deserts
Common Energy Facilities Based on Renewable Sources
in Databases - Natural
The Himalayas are a storehouse of several species of the most rare & valuable species of medicinal...
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Cultivation Packages
Ethno-botanic Database
Ecotourism Development - A Manual
in Indicators & Guides
Aimed at conservationists who want a greater understanding of ecotourism or who...
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Habitat Assessment Model
Watershed Survey Manual for Lakes and Rivers
E-conference focused on five thematic areas: marketing strategies, organizational structures, local knowledge, gender, and revenue reinvestment. The report gives an account of deliberations and case studies for each theme...
Himalayan Artifacts
in Databases - Cultural
The Arts & Crafts database is a compilation of various Himalayan arts & crafts and their distinctive features. These arts and crafts find use in the Costumes & Ornaments...
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Costumes & Ornaments
Hill Area Development Programme
in Programmes
UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People
in Policies International
Dealing with the rights of indigenous peoples of the world, this declaration was 20 years in the making, and covers, under 46 articles, the various issues that deal with indigenous rights and access there to...
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Bishkek Declarations
in Schemes
Chief Minister Self Employment Scheme for Educated Unemployed Youth
Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana
Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Scholarship Scheme
Development schemes and programmes delivered through the provincial departments of the Government of India, although some are part/wholly funded by national ministries...
HADP has been in operation since the inception of the Fifth Five-Year Plan and is being implemented for the integrated development of designated hill areas. The main objective of this programme is to ensure...
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School Health Programme
Project Financial Literacy, RBI
in Country Policies- Nepal
In Nepal, water resources are considered to be strategic natural resource. Management and utilization of water resources in the country is governed by the...
SHARE-Asia Project
in Projects & Initiatives
SHARE-Asia (Stations for High Altitude Research in India) is an initiative by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee to create a monitoring network along...
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